Wednesday, August 30, 2017

April I phone pics

Since we have Easter and Stihls bday in April I feel like all my pictures are of those two events but I still found some cute ones.

Traveling back from Idaho. Brodyn is always so good to play with Stihl and keep him entertained. 

Matt and I were out on a date and Brodyn sent us this picture. The little boys wanted to be dressed up so this is what Brodyn came up with :)

Stihl has the best imagination. This day he was protecting me from monsters and bad guys.

I saw this quote online and it made me think of my boys and how messy I feel my house is all the time. 

Yep thats my lover man!

Brodyn had his end of year choir concert 

I was asked to fill in for Dredyns room mom and had to decorate his teachers door for Teacher appreciation week. Of course we went sports themed. 

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