Wednesday, August 30, 2017

April I phone pics

Since we have Easter and Stihls bday in April I feel like all my pictures are of those two events but I still found some cute ones.

Traveling back from Idaho. Brodyn is always so good to play with Stihl and keep him entertained. 

Matt and I were out on a date and Brodyn sent us this picture. The little boys wanted to be dressed up so this is what Brodyn came up with :)

Stihl has the best imagination. This day he was protecting me from monsters and bad guys.

I saw this quote online and it made me think of my boys and how messy I feel my house is all the time. 

Yep thats my lover man!

Brodyn had his end of year choir concert 

I was asked to fill in for Dredyns room mom and had to decorate his teachers door for Teacher appreciation week. Of course we went sports themed. 

My baby is 3, say what?

Happy 3rd Birthday to my baby. I can't even believe that he has been with us for three years. He is growing up so fast. I love to see all the new things he is learning and love watching him grow into the cutest little boy but I'm sad it's going so fast. He loves his blanky, guns, scooters, bikes, Panda Express and being with his brothers. He brings so much joy and happiness to our family. He completes us and we love him so much. 

Grandpa and Grandma Hughes came to visit right before his birthday so we celebrated by going to his favorite place, Panda express.

Birthday morning

I think I nailed it in the gift department this year. He loved every present.

My big 3 year old!

We went to Arctic Circle with Grandpa, Grandma, Cole and Duke

Had Cake Ice Cream and presents with friends

When we started to sing to him he got all embarrassed and clung to Brodyn.

All the kids that came to help celebrate him


We have a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt which is so nice. No big crowds, or crying kids, being able to talk to other adults and still being able to see your kids. I love it. 

Dying Easter Eggs



Since we have 9:00 a.m. church the Easter bunny didn't visit us until after church. But I still wanted a cute family picture with all of us in our Easter best.

These handsome boys of mine had fun while they waited for me to finish getting ready.

Happy Easter
We really try about 100 times to get a good picture. I love to look back and just laugh at all the pictures of us. Love this little family of mine.

Such handsome boys

The boys came home and could hardly wait to find their baskets.

Looking good in their new Easter clothes

Our awesome Home Teacher brought the boys over marshmellow guns!

I'm forever greatful for the Resurection of our Savior. Because of him and his choice to die for us and be resurected I will always have Matt and our boys for all Eternity. I can't imagine a single day without them. They make this life worth it!