Thursday, March 23, 2017

Matts Bday!!!

We got to Celebrate 35 years of this amazing mans life. Matt is everything you think about when you hear the word AMAZING. Hard worker, great daddy and hubby, fun, can fix anything, sports lover (especially when it comes to watching our boys), great friend, awesome son, priesthood holder and care taker of our family. I could go on and on about how AMAZING he is! We Love you Matt and hope you had a great Birthday!

Matt was a good sport and celebrated his birthday with Cole! We had a yummy dinner of Steak, chicken and potatoes. Had cake and Ice cream and had a fun night Celebrating these two!


Matt and I celebrated Valentines Day a few days early with Tim and Wendi. We went to Texas Road House and enjoyed a kid free dinner. No interruptions and no having to share my food!

I always like to give my boys a little something. I have to raise them to be Romantic right?

My main squeeze. 

I always make a nice dinner for Valentines Day. I love celebrating with my family and showing them how much I love them!

February I Phone Pics

I had just told my boys to stop wrestling and not even two minutes later Dredyn and Diesel hit heads and of course Dredyn ended up with a huge goose egg. He is the one that always gets hurts. 

Diesel and Stihl enjoying a little nicer weather.

Being Brace free after six long months deserves a dab!

We ended up with pink eye again.

Look at these two cuties who entertain me all day

I am Dredyns room mom this year. I wanted to take some pictures during his valentines party but was to busy. I at least got one.

Brodyns Valentines box. 

Diesel had been complaining about his head and eyes hurting so I took him to the Eye Doctor. Good vision for him. 

I could post a million pictures of Stihl. 

Brodyn trying to be all gangster

I find all sorts of funny pictures of Diesel all the time.

Dredyns cake he took to the Blue and Gold Banquet. The theme this year was Western.

The cake he got to bring home.

January I phone pics

January is a relatively quiet month around our house. The hype from the holidays is gone and it's to cold to be outside. It's definitely nice to slow down and not have so much going on. 

Since we finished the basement we are trying to hang out down there more so the boys don't think it is "scary".   Stihl is just to cute to not post a picture of.

My friend Jessica had her baby in December and Stihl finally got to meet his future girlfriend. He loved every minute of it. Except when I would hold her. Jealous little boy.

Pokemon's are a big deal in our house and so is Diesels big hair. He loves to do his own hair and always has a huge Afro when he does it.

Basketball started and we (yes we because we all love it) couldn't be more excited.

Stihl loves our neighbor and friend Jessica (she is 35) and I told him we couldn't go to her house this certain day and he was so mad at me. 

Our little army man finally got his Nerf gun wall. 

We finally had enough snow to build a snowman 

or two. We ended with four.

Stihl has a little to learn in the selfie department :)

My boys are always on the computer watching You Tube. 

Diesel loves to snowboard. My neighbor sent me this picture of him and his friend playing in the snow. So fun and so cute.

Diesel had his kindergarten check up. He was so brave and didn't shed a tear when he got his shots. I can't believe he is going to kindergarten. What am I going to do without my little buddy.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

December I phone pics

My kids are obsessed with flipping water bottles. It drives me crazy.

Of course selfies of Stihl

Santa comes to visit the kids on the Fire Truck every year. This year we had my sisters kids at our house. It was lots of fun.

One of the many pictures of this handsome guy.

The three older boys and I went to see the Play elf at the boys Elementary school. I think we took this picture before the play started.

Stihl was excited to see Santa until he got there. 

I'm not sure what Dreds class is doing but his teacher posted this picture and I think Dred looks cute.

Pink eye went thru our house like crazy

This little boy loves himself some bacon

We got to go and listen to the boys at their Christmas Sing

He's on the back row with the white scarf

I went to help with Brodyns Christmas party. On of the games was dressing someone up as a Christmas tree. It was fun and cute.

We loved having Grandma and Grandpa here for Christmas. The kids were always busy.

Dredyn posing at the bowling alley

Bowling with the Oylers